Trailer Repair in Berlin, MD

We Restore Boat and Auto Trailers -- Racetrack Auto & Marine

Transport Your Boat or Vehicle With Confidence

Bring your boat out to the ocean or lake with confidence. Carefully getting your boat to the water is an important task for all boat owners to consider. Most of us don’t think about it, but the boat trailer is just as important as the boat itself. With an effective boat trailer, the boat will never get to the water. Using an effective boat trailer will protect your boat in transit, and using a boat trailer that’s in poor condition puts your boat at risk. Anytime you notice something malfunctioning with your boat trailer, take its repair seriously like you would a necessary boat repair. Racetrack Marine understand the importance of your boat trailer in the success of any boating trip. Make sure all hitches and undercarriages for your boat trailer are secure so that you are always in control of your boat’s movement. Getting your boat to the water is a step in the boat trip that is sometimes overlooked, but our boat trailer repairs make sure you never fail.

Keeping Trailers Trustworthy

Boaters should not shortchange themselves when choosing a boat trailer. It may be easy to think that any old trailer will do, but it’s thinking like this that can cause damage to boats. Making sure you own, operate, and service your boat trailer properly shows how much you want to protect your boat. Boaters like to think about what’s going to happen out on the water, but they should spend sufficient time thinking about what happens before the water. In transit from your home or storage facility, there are many potential dangers that can harm your boat. A quality boat trailer will protect your boat from most of them. Our team will make sure your boat is properly serviced and ready for the ocean. We’ll also make sure you have a properly functioning boat trailer, which is where the safety and fun begins.

We Repair All Trailers!

Racetrack Auto and Marine specializes not only in boat trailer repair, but also trailers of all kinds! We work on car trailers, camper trailers, dump trailers, horse trailers and more. As soon as you notice anything wrong with your trailer, bring it to our experts to get it fixed. When protecting your vehicle’s transportation “good enough” is never good enough. You need complete confidence in your trailer’s ability to transport your vehicle. Be proactive about any concerns, and let us get them fixed for you right away. Act now before your next scheduled trip. It can be easy to forget the necessary maintenance for your trailer!

Our Berlin, MD Trailer Repair Services Include:

  • Trailer Brake Repair
  • Trailer Brake Adjustment
  • Replace Trailer Axle
  • Replace Trailer Hub
  • Install Trailer Hitch
  • Electrical Wiring/Rewiring of Trailer Lights
  • Trailer Inspections
  • ...And more!