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New To Maryland?--Vehicle Inspection is the Law!

Safety is the number one priority for all vehicles on the Maryland highways. If you are new to the state then getting your vehicle registered is definitely on your to-do list. All new residents in the Berlin area have 60 days to come down to our official state inspection station at Racetrack Auto & Marine. We’ll quickly get your vehicle thoroughly inspected and ready for legal registration and road travel in Maryland. It’s mandatory that your vehicle receives its state inspection from a certified state inspection station. Unlike many other states, Maryland law requires your vehicle to receive one state inspection that will be sufficient until the transfer of ownership. You should be bringing your vehicle to us for inspection if you’re selling or buying a used vehicle, or if you’re new to the state. The responsibility for the vehicle’s inspection can either be the seller’s or the buyer’s, but a certified inspection must be completed in order to get it registered to the new owner.

State Inspection, Registration & Repairs For All Vehicles

We’ll check the effectiveness of over 20 of your vehicle’s mechanical, electrical, and engine components. When you bring your vehicle to Racetrack Auto & Marine in Berlin, MD we’ll check it thoroughly for any damages or inoperative parts. Our experienced technicians have been certified by the State of Maryland to make sure your vehicle is fully operational and as safe as possible. Should your vehicle fail any part of our extensive list of inspection points, we have a team ready to repair it. We can get your vehicle back in tip-top shape so you can pass inspection and get it registered. Get your vehicle’s brake, steering, exhaust, fuel, electrical systems, and more properly inspected, serviced, or repaired at our repair facility.

Vehicle Inspections Today!

Come to Racetrack Auto & Marine in Berlin, MD for your vehicle’s mandatory state inspection. Our team is highly qualified and ready to perform a thorough inspection to get you, and keep you, road-ready. Give us a call today to set up your appointment. For your convenience, you can schedule your inspection online right now, using our online scheduling system. We look forward to serving you!