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An Option For All Your Needs

When you’re out visiting a new city, moving to a new home, or taking a long trip, you may worry about placing additional stress on your vehicle. Adding those extra miles can hasten the wear-and-tear process, so you must rely on another vehicle to help get the job done. At Racetrack Auto & Marine in Berlin, Maryland, we offer the perfect solution in the form of our quality car & trailer rentals. Our technicians take proper care of all our rentals to make sure they can handle all the performance needs you require. Spare your vehicle from additional wear-and-tear and utilize one of our rental vehicles today!

How Our Rentals Help

With businesses like Uber and Two Men and a Truck, it’s easy to avoid getting a rental vehicle for quick trips and moving. With that said, there are a variety of benefits that come with selecting one of our rental vehicles instead of settling for these services. Here’s how our rental vehicles can add quality and convenience to your life!

Get Around Town

When you fly into town, it can be frustrating to constantly Uber everywhere. Not only is it expensive, but the experience can vary based on the driver you have. Instead of having to rely on inconsistent service, rent a vehicle from our shop, and experience reliable performance! All of our mid and full-sized rental vehicles are meticulously serviced to ensure you only experience the best performance from your rental. Whether you need a small car for yourself or a spacious van for your family, we have a variety of options available for your needs!

Make Moving Easy

Whenever you’re moving to a new place, there always seems to be more stuff than you expected. It can be difficult to transport all of that stuff if you’re only using your everyday vehicle. Even if you get friends to help, you’ll probably have to make multiple trips back-and-forth to move all of your stuff. By renting one of our utility trailers, you can make moving that much easier. You’ll have additional space to store your items, which will make your move that much smoother!

Book Your Rental Today!

In town for the weekend and need a ride to get around town? Or maybe you’re moving to a new place and need a larger vehicle to help? Whatever your needs may be, know that Racetrack Auto & Marine in Berlin, Maryland has a wide variety of vehicles to rent. Our professional automotive team takes excellent care of all our rental vehicles, so you can get the performance you need and expect. If you need a rental vehicle, know that our team has you covered!

Visit us at one of our four locations and see how we can help you! Rentals must be returned to the same shop you rented it from.